1973 Plymouth 'Cuda "Deathfish" Specifications

1978 360cid V8, 0.030" over
Crank: Eagle 436035806123 HD-Forged crankshaft
Rods: Scat H-Beams
Pistons: Probe 12351 SRS Forged Pistons
Piston Rings: Mahle 3150036-035
Camshaft: Hughes Custom Camshaft, 238° intake duration @ .050, 234° exhaust duration @ .050, 114° lobe separation angle, 4° advance, Lift 0.550"/0.536"
Lifters: Hughes 5013XL
Valvetrain: Hughes 15023 Rocker Arms, Hughes 1129 Dual Valve Springs, Hughes 5879 7.900" X 5/16" X .083" 4130 HT Pushrods
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock 60779 Performer RPM, 63cc chamber
Head Gaskets: Cometic MLS C5565-051
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock 28155, Super Victor, 8 point EFI
Damper: Professional Products 80012

Bore: 4.030"
Stroke: 3.58"
Cylinder head volume: 63cc
Piston dish: 14.50cc
Pistons 0.010" below deck.
Head gasket thickness: 0.0510"
Static compression ratio: 9.31.
Total displacement: 365.31cid, 5988.85cc

Engine Controller: MegaSquirt II, 3.57 PCB, MSExtra firmware
Ignition: Ford EDIS8 wasted spark ignition
Coils: 2x Accel EDIS coil packs
Crank Trigger: DIY 36-1 crank gear with Ford VR sensor (Standard PC-19
Wideband: Innovate 3844 MX-L wideband O2 gauge + Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor
SP Leinonen PDSX-1 computer controlled body electronics system (prototype)
Digital Dash: 11.7" Android tablet running RealDash application

Fuel Pump: Mallory 5110FI, Free Flow Rate: 72 gph, Max Pressure: 100 psi
Fuel Pressure: 3 bar, 43.5 psi
Injectors: 80lb/hr (840cc/min), 12.4 Ohms Impedance. 14mm o-rings, 61mm length. EV1 connectors.
Throttle Body: Edelbrock 3878, 1000cfm, inc. TPS and IAC stepper motor
Fuel Rails: Edelbrock 3641
Hoses and Fittings: 8AN

Boost: Holset HX52 Pro turbocharger
Blow-off: TurboXS RBV-H34
Cooling: Custom intercooler by Erikoishitsaus Raatikainen
Headers: Custom by Juhani Härkönen
Exhaust: Custom single 3.5" downpipe, dual 2.5" exits

Transmission: Tremec TKO600 5-Speed Manual. Gear Ratios: 2.87 1st, 1.89 2nd, 1.28 3rd, 1.00 4th, .64 5th; 2.56 reverse.
Clutch: McLeod RST twin disk clutch (6913-07). Disk 10.5 x 1 1/8-26, Keisler hydraulic throwout bearing kit.
Rear axle: 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio, 742 casing, Cone type Sure Grip. 10 spline driveshaft yoke.

Firm Feel Inc. Fast ratio pitman and idler arms
Firm Feel Inc. Heavy Duty 11/16" tie rod kit
Borgeson fast ratio steering box

Front Springs: Stock HD .96" torsion bars
Rear Springs: 5 1/2 Leaf springs, stiffened
Shocks: QA1 single adjustable shocks
Upper Control Arms: RideTech StrongArm
US Car Tool subframe connectors

Front Brakes: Doctor Diff, 2004 Mustang Cobra 13" disks, cross drilled and slotted
Rear Brakes: Doctor Diff, Mustang 11.7" disks

Wheels: Boze Forged Hi-Octane. 17x8, 0 offset (4.5" backspacing). Gunmetal gray centers with brushed aluminum lips.
Tires: 255/45x17

Shaved side reflectors
Painted bumpers
Bumper guards and bolts have been shaved
Bumpers have been moved 5cm towards the body
Original rally hood scoops opened for more airflow
Parking light area converted for the intercooler
C4 Corvette front seats
Front splitter from 'Spoilers by Randy'
4 point seat belts

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